Redesign Your Life

Welcome to Soul and Steady!

This website is your resource for redesigning your life to live Soul & Steady.

I know the pain of busyness. My partner and I are both working professionals. In the summer of 2018, we woke up to the fact that we were tag-teaming our way through life. We were disconnected. We missed each other and our four children. We decided to identify our priorities and redesign our life. We started to say “No!” so we could start saying, “Yes!” to what matters most.

Since then, both he and I have changed our jobs and our careers. The changes were difficult. I gave up what I had considered to be my dream job and he decided to leave the military and change medical fields.

As high-level professionals with many options before us, we could have easily gotten overwhelmed. We didn’t. The programs I offer in Soul and Steady are the methods we used for choosing among the many paths before us. Learn more about how we navigated the choices here. Join Soul & Steady to get the support you are needing to create a life built around what matters most to you. Reconnect to yourself and the people you love so you can invite joy and wonder back into your world.

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