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Soul and Steady Parenting

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6-week parenting webinar integrating psychotherapy theory and parenting experience to increase presence and purposeful connection with ourselves and our children.

Dates: Sundays, March 20-April 24

Time: 4:30-6 PM, Pacific Time

Where: Online, via Zoom

Cost: $150; ($25 per session!)

Normally, that's the cost of a single hour of therapy, supervision, consultation, etc. Why is this 9-hour parenting group so cheap? Because this is just that important. Parenting the next generation is everything. Parenting during a pandemic and mounting civil and global shifts requires us to dig deep and surround ourselves with loving support. 

I want to get the information and tools into your hands. Honestly, you probably have all the knowledge you need. What you are really wanting and perhaps needing is inspiration! That's what I offer: 

  • Connection
  • Inspiration
  • Integration 

*All the things that invite you to fill your cup and invite abundant receiving and giving into your life.

The only time is now; Now is the time. 

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Is this ONLY for parents? 

No. While this is designed for parents, all caretakers are welcome. Remember, we are the caretakers of all the younger versions of ourselves we hold within. Sometimes they feel scared too. This course invites you to hold them. 

Will I be able to ask questions? 

Yes. You will be invited to offer input and ask questions. I ask you to remember that this is not a time for personal therapy. You may even go into break-out groups for more intimate discussions. 

Will I need supplies? 

I recommend that you have a variety of paper and art supplies available for our time together as I will invite self-exploration activities. I draw heavily on my skills as a play therapist and my experience in creative exploraitons.

Will I need to read a book? 

No. If you have time to read, congratulations. Also, may I recommend fiction? Stories are not only great escapes, they offer deep insights and help promote empathy. 

I will, however, send handouts. While you might want to have them available or save them for future explorations and as resources, they are not required reading. 

Will I need to share? 

No. Never. I do find, however, that groups are enriched by briefly sharing one's insight and personal experiences. 

How do you offer inspiration? 

It's my most consistent feedback as a presenter, educator, etc. I believe it has to do with my vulnerability in sharing and the power of my present listening and witnessing. I

March 20th, 2022 4:30 PM through April 24th, 2022 6:30 PM
Online Event
United States
Event Fee(s)
Registration Fee $ 150.00

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