Sometimes, when I want to simplify life, I look outside for a solution. I tend to look for something to add to what I have or am doing in order to make life manageable. For example, my impulse is to search for a drawer organizer to simplify life by making it easier to find things. Or I might search for a new file system/procedure. All of this tends to undermine my original goal because rather than simplifying the process, I use my energy to find some tool I think I need.

Let Go of Things

In my experience, the greatest step I can take to simplify life is by letting go. I can let go of both the things that feel unorganized and unmanageable and I can let go of the ideas that I need order in order to feel centered and balanced.

Accept the Process

Instead, I accept that life is a process. That process is sometimes usually messy. Or it feels messy because we are in a process of transition, unfolding, or becoming. We prefer things to be in place and in order. When things are in order we feel they are manageable (we have a sense of control) and predictable (we have a sense of safety). These are false securities that hold us back. In reality

  • Our lives are manageable even in the chaos
  • Life is full of surprises–most of them are delightful

Life is a Process

Life is a process of growth and decay. Nothing is set and stable and then we are done. Accept the process of growth and decay. Know that you are moving forward or backward, and never standing still. Even if you are standing still, the rest of the world is (hopefully) moving forward. So, really, you are moving backward.

Remove the Leaves from the Stream

To simplify life, remove the leaves from the stream. Don’t try to manage the leaves or arrange them better or organize them somehow. Remove them. Let go of what is in your way. Let go of:

  • Stuff you no longer use or need
  • Beliefs that are holding you back
  • Relationships that entangle you
  • Unhelpful habits
  • Conditional self-love
  • Overcommitting your time
  • Trying to please others
  • Putting things off until tomorrow
  • Hurrying around from here to there
  • Ignoring your feelings, wants, and needs
  • Beating yourself up for mistakes
  • Assuming what others are thinking and feeling
  • Everything that interrupts your flow

Simplify life and step into your flow. Everything you need is already here. The problem is that so is the other stuff. The other stuff is what’s in your way. Let go if so you can recreate your life.


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