I am offering four Soul Prints: Seasonal Self-Care Workshops. The first workshop will take place on the Spring Equinox on March 20, 2021. I hope you will join me and a small group of others as we use the arts to explore and concretize goals for the next three months. I someone shudder at the word “goals” because they imply “doing” and I am currently focused on “being” and transitioning. The idea here isn’t to supplant being with doing. Rather, it’s to integrate the two with mindfulness.

Throughout many of my life changes, I’ve turned to collage to make sense and meaning. I started in childhood. I learned to collage by watching my father.

My childhood is peppered with memories of watching my dad cut images from magazines like National Geographic and glue them to poster board. He used to make collages around different themes like race unity and gender equality. In addition to using collage around social justice themes, he made collages to support various social studies themes. He hung them up in his classrooms.

Collages are stories without words.

“A picture is worth 1,000 words”

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a collage of pictures is a story. Oftentimes, the stories emergy through the images, the placement, the themes, etc. Through collage, we can access themes and stories that are simply waiting for us to wrap them with words. Our words give voice to unspoken parts of ourselves and to unspoken stories.

When we are looking outside for something, the answers lie within us. The paths to follow are being walked by parts of ourselves. We just need to tune in. These parts are leaving footprints for us to find. Thus, the name Soul Prints.

Join me for Soul Prints: Seasonal Self-Care Workshops

Each season will offer a different art-based focus for self-exploraiton. Spring’s focus is collage. Summer’s focus will be mandala. Fall and winter are TBD. The workshop cost includes art supplies and shipping.


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